Mr. Niclas P. Andersson, or Anderzon when ever he is on the decks, has a large repotoar when it comes to electronic dance music. He first got hooked by the darker, harder, progressive/tech tribal "thing" going on in Barcelona during the 90ths. Influenced by DJ's like Laurent Wolf and the force of tracks like "Feel My Drums" made him understand that this kind of music needs to be mixed, even if only played at home. And today here he is. Altough very much so, still in love with the music of those early days, he is today know for two things. The adventure between deep house and tech house, were Anderzon most often end up playing hypnotical dub that has made him one of the foremost warm-up and bar DJ's in town. And then, of course, we have his other side. This is almost the opposite. Because Anderzon is also known for his amazing way of making almost anyone, even the ones with a doubt, dance to hard driven techno. It all depends on his fantastic understanding in building sets and grabbing the crown, shake them around a bit, and then let them have "the bomb".

You can listen to some of the live DJ-sets made by Anderzon by clicking to his personal SoundCloud site [ hit it! ]



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